Who are these silent strangers waiting for me to know who they are?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Next night

That night, however, I bypassed the first couple of houses in favor of the one with the barren sticks whimsically called bushes. The king had left a good size hole and a spray of dirt. I prodded the dirt gingerly with my toe. What was his prize? I had thought. Was it a bone? I was scraping some of the dirt back into the hole when I began to feel eyes on me. I glanced up right into the face of Mehitabel. If that dirty little thing is the king of Gilpin, then Mehitabel is the Imperial Ruler of the Universe. She is a long haired sable Burmese mix of some sort and she was sitting on the bricked front porch. Her green eyes were at that moment fixed on me. I blinked at her innocently just to let her know I would never dream of disturbing her. Behind her loomed the vacant house with its peeling paint and air of neglect. Mehitabel, must have decided that I was not a threat and released me to began her grooming. Thus dismissed I turned my face to 7-11 and continued my quest.

I achieved my goal and returned with my coveted brand of cancer sticks. When I came to the derelict once again I paused. Mehitabel was off somewhere chasing down dinner or commanding her minions. I gazed at the blank windows and wondered whether I dared cross the line, step into the litter strewn court and find out what’s behind those filthy panes of glass. What’s in there? Maybe the previous tenant was a serial killer and the basement is filled with bodies. No. I think perhaps that the furniture is still sitting laden with dust and the desiccated bodies of his 12 victims. Yes, I sure if I just peer between the blinds I see them. Perhaps, its the owner who is the serial killer and the previous tenant was just his last victim.

I was satisfied with my conclusion and not willing to cross the line yet, in the middle of the night. So, I finished my smoke and went to bed.

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