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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

absolutely nothing

blah and blah. Everyday in every way, I am getting better and better. Hehe. Fuck Dairy! Hah! I find myself on this fine rainy morning feeling quite contrary and full of piss and vinegar. (and the stubborn remains of dairy proteins) I feel like a gun slinger waiting for a chance to prove I'm the top gun. Perhaps its a good day to pay bills. (note to self: Do not fucking swear at the fucking sheep brains that are following their fucking script). AND Playdom has somehow vaporized 15 of my gold. (It's just a game. . . it's just a game . . . it's just a game) So - not even kitties will calm this raging need to swear, stomp and . . . what else? I think I will go stack and chop wood. Then I'll pay bills. Then I'll knit. Hmmmmmm. A quick trip down crap gully might lift my mood cause laxatives and coffee do not go well together.(I could try some beer) That horse farm is looking better and better. The only thing is, I want to start my own village and populate it with people I choose. Damn! my sister is calling. I am now retreating into a brain fog as I answer the phone.

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