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Friday, January 6, 2012

why can't I be a car?

Going to the doctor should be like going to a mechanic. We should be able to deposit our body, leave it for testing and repair and return later after spending time in a comfortable lounge quietly reading a good book. Instead, we are privy to every indignity and invasion of privacy and certainly aware of pains (both mental and physical) we are forced to endure. When they are done there is no acknowledgment of humanity. We go forth to deal with insurance companies who act as if you are trying to rob them and your only motivation is to somehow receive a prescription drug to supplement your habit. In my opinion, there is something to be said about the good old days when you went to your family doctor for everything. He talked to you like you were a human being that he cared about. So - waaaaaah!
I think I have recovered my equilibrium and hope to be done with the medical community until next year. Now I just need to get through the dentist!!!

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