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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Howard and Bernadean - The continuing drama

September 5 1933 - Tuesday morning

Dear Howard,

You don’t know how much better I feel since receiving your letter. I was so afraid you wouldn’t write even after I had done so. And sending it special just made it perfect. Otherwise I wouldn’t have it yet as yesterday was Labor Day we got no mail. Besides I liked the getting of a letter from you that way. I was next door eating dinner when it came. We both had our doubts and now we know that each is sincere.

I took some pictures of the house yesterday afternoon and if they are good I will send you one. This kodak had never been used before and I’ve had it a year so no telling what they will be like.

We are on the NRA new and so I work 5 instead of 5 1/2 days . I get Tuesday mornings and Saturday afternoons off. This has been a long weekend. I just got up - it’s 10 o’clock - and have to get to the office by 1. Mother is here this morning but she is downtown at the beauty parlor. My sister left for St Louis the next day after I got back. There! That’s enough about my family. But I’m pretty crazy about ‘em.

I would love to have seen the Lake last night - there was such an exquisite moon. That’s one thing we didn’t get to see.

You remember I told you a friend of mine had first had a horoscope made up. She’s my “pal”. We’ve been friends for about 9 years. But anyway, she just came back yesterday from Galveston and points South and so we talked far into the night. I told her about your knowing the zodiac signs etc. and she said you must surely be intelligent to be interested in Astrology when so young, that most men do not think of such things until they are much older. She believes in it, though, almost as strong as most people believe in the Bible.

The people we visited in Evanston were not relatives of mine. They were friends of Louise. I wish I did have relatives there, I’d come and stay with them until I found a job. I expect to go back there next summer to stay, anyway. After the taxes are taken care of etc.

About the pictures, dear, as I told you I have none now but I’ll have Barbara take some real soon and I will send you one. But be prepared for the worst. I look even worse in pictures than in the flesh. Don’t forget, honey, you said you’d send me one of yourself. I’m waiting but I hope not too long. If you have any photographs I wish you’d send me one so I can see it on my dressing table. If not, of course, I shall be happy with a snap shot.

I remember Lil very well and it was sweet of her to say that. I first sat and gaped while she talked. The best part though was when you said” So do I”.

Your letter was so sweet I hope I shall have another soon.
And better still, I do hope you’ll get to come down here sometime. Altho I honestly do not believe you’d like me much if you’d see me at home. I’m such a straight sort of person with my job and house and I don’t go out at 10 O’Clock A.M. to meet strange men! But that was the high light of my trip!

Mother will be back for lunch pretty soon so I’d better stir around. She’s going back home about 4 this afternoon.

Sincerly, dear, Bernadean

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