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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Feeling deeply philosophical

Atheism is the world of reality, it is reason, it is freedom, Atheism is human concern, and intellectual honesty to a degree that the religious mind cannot begin to understand. And yet it is more than this. Atheism is not an old religion, it is not a new and coming religion, in fact it is not, and never has been, a religion at all. The definition of Atheism is magnificent in its simplicity: Atheism is merely the bed-rock of sanity in a world of madness.

Humans continue to evolve. We are more than just a body. We have a mind that is physical, a soul that is the generator or energy that keeps us going and we have a spirit or energy body. Most us need no proof that our physical body (mind) exists. We know because, we are. Our mind is both a physical brain and the intangible - thoughts, emotions, etc. Will we reach a point where freed from our physical bodies we can encompass fully the spiritual body?

There are 10 dimensions. 6 of them outside of time and space. In a purely spiritual (energy based) body will we be able to be outside of time and space? This is backed by quantum physics.

We create our reality. Our thoughts and intentions affect the world around us. In this way we (and everything in this physical world) are connected. This is also backed by quantum physics and by numerous studies in various fields.
In a purely spiritual (energy) based body, we are still connected and it is from this that we affect the world around us. What would you do if once outside the physical, time, and space you could see all of history? From this vantage point, you could see where everything was headed and where it came from. Can we exist in spirit without the presence of the physical. I mean if the earth blew apart and was utterly destroyed, what would happen to the energy (the spirit)? Would the collective energy of everything recreate a new one? Would we, in energy form, want to expel, get rid of, eradicate those energies that want death, destruction, chaos and disharmony? These would certainly recreate these very things. If together we create what we want, what do we want this to be? How do we get rid of the negative? Is that the purpose of religion?

It is interesting that all major religions recognize the spirit element and try to regulate our thoughts and behaviors to be harmonious. (A task that both fails and succeeds) It seems that there is always some that try to deny the spirit (energy) and fear the connections. These seem to actively work against connecting and try to stop all attempts by others to connect and/or talk about connecting.

I am still thinking about these things but I will stop writing and concentrate. It is hard to keep the theology and religion separate from logic.

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