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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rain and a good book

Today it was raining old men and their derbies. I was working for a friend and since no one was coming into the shop I decided to read. I reread Black Beauty. I haven't read that since I was 8! People eventually came in to shop but by then I was in a very good mood. I noticed a large lady in an even larger pink hoodie running to her van with 5 or 6 bags of groceries. Did she think she could run between the drops? Then their was the elderly gentleman and his gentlemanly Scottish terrier. They calmly strode through the rain. He as wearing a wide brimmed hat and a mac and so was his little dog. I was positive that if I heard him speak he would have an English accent. It was quite amusing when the wide brimmed gentleman met the old colonel. The colonel has a little bull terrier. He walks his dog everyday, rain or shine. The colonel always wears his leather flight jacket and veterans baseball cap. They surveyed each other, both too disciplined to do more than nod. The dogs were extremely well mannered as well. They approached each other stiffly. Smelled each others asses and wagged their tails. (the dogs not the men). Now I must stop and pay attention to Z. He is quite insistent and it is hard to type.

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