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Sunday, January 8, 2012

facebook sucks

It is interesting to see how many people think that broadcasting the minutia of their daily life on facebook somehow gives their life meaning. These are the ones who feel compelled to let everyone know what they are cooking for dinner, what they are shopping for, what their pets are doing, what they are wearing (or would like to wear)., etc. Most of what they post is surface, meaningless stuff like a bare bone without any meat on it. The worst of them are even hollow without any marrow. These same people will randomly post some shockingly personal things. The kind of things best said to your best friend or spouse. Yet, they post it for all to see. Perhaps it is only posted because it is safe from any real human interaction. I think that my biggest pet peeve concerning facebook is that it is pseudo life, pseudo friendship and pseudo communication. In the past I have tried to elicit real responses to actual meaty issues and usually these go unanswered and ignored. If I want to get any recognition to a post, it has contain pictures or have multi choice questions, much like grammar school or remedial education. Maybe, I am just boring, or the topics I choose are boring. Either way, I feel that I would much rather be ignored in person than over the internet and I refuse to compromise my own privacy. So screw it!

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