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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Spider's Web

I have been contemplating the subjective nature of truth. It is spine chilling how easily people are swayed by their emotions, or vague memories or manipulations or even by what they hear first. It is terrifying to think that a persons life & death could be decided by 'eye witness' accounts (especially those of young children). I have been observing the effects of subtle manipulations of reality or truth. It really is like watching a spider weave a web. A very slow and almost imperceptible ***K is now playing his bagpipe chanter)***can't think.

An almost imperceptible weaving of truth, insinuation, lies flavored with whatever emotion the manipulator wishes you to feel. If they hit the right emotion button, the victim doesn't consciously think about what is being said. Instead, later when they are reaching into memories, they are just as likely to dredge up the fabricated emotion or facts simply because it is what's most recent in their minds. I am amazed at how much patience a person has to have to weave a web a year or more in the making. Just as fascinating is when the web is simply a safety net - woven just because it might be necessary in the future. Frustratingly, most victims of said spiders never realize they have been manipulated. They don't want to know.
Sociopaths are experts at these simple techniques and they think that no one can see their game.
I will think some more on this behavior....

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