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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Part one of Misery

Today is a perfectly hideous day. I started this day griped in the clutches of insomnia. I knew I was getting sick last night but what the hell can you do? About 5:30 am I finally dosed off. When I awoke I found that insomnia had indeed sold me into slavery. I must have caught the sweat lodge flu. My chest hurts, my head hurts, my throat is hamburger, every joint screams in protest when I move and coughing is sheer agony. When I get out of bed I get the chills and shake so bad I could stand in as a good paint mixer. Even my skin and scalp hurt. I have been thinking of taking some pain killer but that would require I drag myself out of bed and downstairs so I could eat something first. K is sick too. Besides, he was already angry at me because I didn't get up till 10. He is not quite as miserable as me yet. Maybe there is hope. Maybe he will heat up a bowl of soup for me. Oh wait, I am being skyped. This will be part 1

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