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Monday, February 28, 2011

Warning - severe ranting and whining

So, let me get this straight. My financial institution sent me checks for a different account than the one requested. I did not realize it was a different account since my original financial Institution was bought out and these were my first checks. I thought they must have changed the account number. I paid my health insurance with one. (last november) it just came back last Friday NSF, because it was the wrong account. Now, I am in arrears for 3 months (money I thought had already been taken out) - no four because I have to wait for the correct checks to come from my bank since this is the only form of payment my health insurance will accept. They don't do debit cards and I live in a different state than my bank so I cannot hop in the car and get a cashiers check or money order. On top of that, K has decided that health insurance is too expensive anyway and we will just have to do without until August. (provided nothing happens between now and then) and provided anyone will give us coverage since we have been cancelled for non payment! I feel a heart attack coming on. As if I would know when one hit since I can't breathe anyway and I am too busy coughing up my lungs. Oh for a cigarette! Not that I dare have one with my lungs in full revolt and no insurance on the horizon to rescue me. What the fucking hell is wrong with this world when you can't even use your own money. Who came up with the idea for an annuity? Why did we fall for it? Why, again, can't I withdraw my own money when I am in desperate need of food and essentials without losing 40% of what I withdraw? This is fucking nuts!!! And why is it acceptable to certain people that we do without insurance and live on peanut butter rather than pay this obscene penalty? I just want to know. And while I'm ranting, did I mention there are no jobs anywhere in WV.

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  1. Given the subject matter, I don't actually consider this to be severe ranting and whining.